Research and consultancy

Wheatsheaf Trust is a charity aimed at helping anyone who needs support, but particularly:

  • Young people struggling to enter the labour market
  • Mature adults and those returning to the labour market after a period of absence
  • Lone parents & families
  • Minority ethnic and faith groups
  • People with disabilities
  • Refugees
  • Ex-offenders

All of our services are tailor-made for the individual. We sit down with them to agree what will work best for them, in a relaxed and friendly environment. As the programmes are designed for the needs of each person, the experience for every client is different. One may involve a course based on trade skills like building or bricklaying, with one-to-one life coaching and a group camping trip. Another may involve a work experience placement at a small local company, as well as an informal C.V. skills workshop once a week and involvement in some small-scale music group projects. Both programmes would benefit any jobseeker, but the key is that each is designed to best fulfill the needs of the particular individual. We believe that when you are more satisfied in your work, you feel more fulfilled and happier at home.