Starting out

We are here for people who have not necessarily had all the opportunities in life, and who want to take more control. About one third of our advisors were once in a similar situation, so they know exactly how it feels and are in the best possible position to help.

At the beginning of this process it may be hard to know where to start. A chat at this stage to organise thoughts can often work wonders.

Starting to look for work

When this is done, the process of thinking about work can begin. Again, this is something our team is well placed to help with.

To assist with gaining a job there are many ways the advisor and jobseeker can work together. Courses and one-to-one support can be arranged to brush up on basic job search skills and improve employability.

If it has been quite a while since the last period of work, this may cause some nervousness. We can help with this. Work experience or voluntary placements can be arranged to ease the person back into the routines and lifestyle of working.

This can all be arranged with support and advice on how it might affect benefit entitlement.

Taking the plunge

When the time is right to begin directly looking for employment, a range of services are available at our Wheatsheaf Trust centres. We can provide assistance with tackling the various different ways of finding work.

There will always be courses and workshops that can develop the skills needed for any type of work.

Sometimes it can seem that there is too much and the information can be daunting. However, our advisors are well placed to explain which training would be of benefit to the job you are aiming for. Then when the offers begin to come in, interview skills can be worked on with one-to-one coaching and practice.

Our advisors are there every step of the way, through every step of the process.