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So many issues to deal with, but one by one I am getting there!


My first experience with Wheatsheaf Trust was in March 2016 when I was 17 years old and in a bad way.  I suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, I was very underweight and only weighed 7st, I had mood swings, negative thoughts which dominated my overall presentation and also a history of self harming.  I live at home with my mum and younger sibling, but my mum suffers from severe diabetes and so it is down to me to care for her and my sibling, not very exciting for a 17 year old in my situation.

I was referred to the Development Programme at Wheatsheaf Trust in Southampton from the Children & Adult Mental Health Services.  On my first visit I had a panic attack on the bus and when I eventually got there I was covered up in a big coat to hide my body which I was very paranoid about.

At first I found it difficult to open up about my situation or my emotions, but after a while I began to trust my Mentor and started to relax a bit.  Over time we worked on a number of issues including my weight.  My Mentor encouraged me to visit my GP to get a gym referral to gain support with my well being and weight issue.  Over time I attended a number of confidence building sessions, updated my CV and applied for an apprenticeship in Business Admin.

The confidence building sessions made a massive difference to my demeanour, I am more confident about myself and with those around me and I no longer wear the big coats to hide my body.  I have been attending regular gym sessions and as well as enjoying the experience I have gained 2st and am enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

I was successful in my apprenticeship application in Business Admin and completed two work trials but the position wasn’t for me.  However I was offered another position in the sales department which I am really enjoying.  I assist with the computer graphics and with doing work on their website, it is great.  My Mentor has been great and is keeping in regular contact with me which is very reassuring for me.

Client quote

“My Mentor understands me and I feel very comfortable talking to him.  Wheatsheaf Trust has helped me grow as an individual and has helped me speak freely about my emotions with confidence.”


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