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Help to turn things around and become a better person!


In October 2015, I was referred to Wheatsheaf Trust in Southampton by the Youth Offending Service.  I was only 16 and had been in trouble for substance misuse and behaviour problems.  No excuses really, as I come from a very loving and supportive family.  At Wheatsheaf Trust I was referred onto the Enhanced Traineeship Programme and met my Mentor, who very quickly put me at ease with his knowledge and his own personal experiences.

I didn’t settle well at school and attended a number of different ones including home tutoring, but neither of these worked as I never gained any qualifications.  On the traineeship course there were several other lads in a similar situation which was good as it meant I wasn’t on my own.  To start with, we attended some confidence building sessions and then went on to create an email account and register onto the apprenticeship website, which was quite a big step forward for me.

As time went on I used the resources at Wheatsheaf Trust and started to practise on the online CSCS mock tests and had an introduction to site safety, which included a visit to a local building site.  In May 2016 I attended a CSCS course with Brockenhurst and was ready for my test within the first week.  I was the only young person to score 50 out 50 on my practise, mock and the real test which was a real confidence booster for me.

Since then I have been busy and with support from my Mentor I have gained my CBT motorcycle provisional licence, passport and copy of my birth certificate.  I have never had ID before and gaining them has been a huge deal and has helped me to turn things around and to be a better person.  I have applied for an apprenticeship on a construction site and am hoping to hear back from them soon.

It has been an interesting and challenging journey for me, but also a very rewarding one because I have learnt a lot and come a long way, even for someone as young as me.

Quote from Parents

“Thank you for all your time and effort.  We can see the improvement and hope he stays on track.  Thank you very much from me and my wife.”


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