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Help for Adults


We deliver a number of programmes across South Hampshire to support Adults towards and into sustained employment. Not all programmes are delivered in all of our centres. For more information about a particular programme please get in touch.

Work Programme

Support for long term unemployed people for up to 2 years which includes a range of support programmes such as CV building, motivation and confidence building workshops, work tasters and volunteering.

  • 1:1 support from a dedicated Key Worker to identify and apply for job opportunities
  • Where necessary support customers to access additional support to help overcome barriers


B2W creates a bridge to the labour market by offering support to people to overcome difficult situations and lead them closer to employment.      

  • Individual support with a dedicated Key Worker to develop and agree on a Progress Plan
  • Tailored (paid) placements of up to 6 months (16 – 25 hours) with supportive employers

For more details see the BBO Bridge2Work page


Work and Health Programme

Work and Health Programme helps to provide the right support so that most people can find work and build a career. We support people with Health Conditions and Disabilities, people who have been out of work for two or more years and other individuals who face significant disadvantages. 

  • 1:1 Support in all aspects of looking for work.
  • Personally tailored programme to get back into work
  • Ongoing support in work.
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