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Everyone deserves a second chance



Wheatsheaf Trust works with people to help them improve their lives. We believe that everyone has something to contribute to society, everybody can be helped to reach their potential, and everyone should have a second chance at learning, work and personal development.  

Employment, and the development of skills, provide the best route out of poverty. We are proud of our 17-year record of helping people, increasing their options and helping individuals and families discover what they are truly capable of. Since we were established in 2000 we have helped over 6000 people into work.

Whether they are out of work or in low paid jobs, we are committed to helping improve the prospects of everyone who comes through our doors.

Please explore the site. We are sure you will find plenty that could be of benefit. If you have any questions, our "doors are always open".


This trust is supported by
  • Gosport Borough Council
  • Havant Borough Council